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We believe collaboration is the key to inspired design.
And with true inspiration comes unsurpassed quality and style. Our design philosophy is focused on creating living spaces enhanced by the forethought of function and an ergonomic design philosophy. Blend this with exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence and you’ll understand why LA's leading architects and designers choose Farnsworth Builders as their design/build specialists on home renovations, remodels, and additions.

Ergonomic Design Discipline
It is one thing to design a space with visual appeal. It’s quite another, to create a space which is both beautiful and supremely functional. Farnsworth Builders integrates the discipline of ergonomics as a driving force in creating living spaces which offer greater human comfort and stress reducing efficiency.

A More Personal Approach
Collaboration is key, and we hold it as one of our core values. With each project we do, our goal is to create elegantly designed spaces with greater usability. To this end, we start by interviewing our clients, in depth. We gain an understanding of their living style, tastes, and any unique attributes which should be considered in the design process. Personal preferences are contemplated, and the most minute details, ultimately influence the selection of accessories, placement and position of fixtures, and the appointment of every feature.

Truly Customized, Personalized Living Spaces
This highly individual approach to design and meticulous attention to detail, results in living spaces which truly serve the needs of the homeowner. Homes that work more efficiently help to create stress free environments.