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Critical to a project’s success is a genuine collaboration between the architect and builder, along with timely and transparent reporting to the client. This communication triangle is crucial to the synergy of a custom home build; adding foresight to issues before they arise. The Farnsworth Build Team facilitates projects ‘day-to-day’, keeping jobs on track and on schedule by keeping communication flowing so that all parties are informed throughout the lifecycle of the project. Farnsworth Builders is committed to this collective workstyle to ensure every nuance of the original plan is executed to perfection.


Our work style is supportive and collaborative. Throughout the entire project, we work closely with the design team to ensure every nuance of the original plan is executed perfectly. Every detail is scrutinized at all phases of construction, beginning with the bid phase, to assure a smooth and efficient custom home build.


Personal Service

In addition to our excellent project managers, Wes personally oversees every project. Wes is briefed daily by our ‘Project-Build Team’ and conducts onsite meetings, when needed, with the architect, client and subcontractors.


Dedicated Build Team

The Farnsworth Build-Team continuously monitors timelines and budgets, efficiently schedules subs and vendors, and maintains communication with the architect and client.


Project Timeline

Our itemized timeline reports keep you informed at each phase of the project lifecycle and are extremely useful to gauge progress at a glance.


Weekly Updates

We keep you informed with weekly onsite meetings. You’ll meet with Wes and or your project manager, along with subcontractors when appropriate. We’ll answer any questions and keep you informed throughout the life of the project.


Weekly Audits

The Farnsworth Team will send a weekly status report, to both the client and architect, along with an audit of the production schedule. With our updates, you’ll be notified of any items that need attention and our recommendation toward a solution.


Day-To-Day Workflow

The Farnsworth ‘Project-Build Team’ keeps jobs on track and on schedule. Daily proactive communication with our subs alleviates unnecessary delays and keeps things moving efficiently. If our subs need support, we have our own team with the capabilities of each trade, to keep progress timely.


Post Construction

Our final walk-through is thorough and meticulous. We provide a checklist of items to be reviewed, ensuring everything is working properly. Trim and finishes are carefully inspected. Anything requiring touch-up or attention is added to a ‘punch list‘ and corrected before the move-in date.

What Our Partners Say

I cannot overstate the benefit of working with Farnsworth Builders. On our Venice Way project they made it their practice to go the extra mile from start to finish and beyond. When problems came up during construction, Wes came back to us with possible solutions that looked great, were very knowledgeable and in the interest of everyone involved. He always was very quick to communicate with the team and subcontractors which is a skill that you rarely come by and when time was of the essence, Wes made it happen, more than once. Sometimes even over the weekend which we are forever grateful for as our project was very time sensitive. “
Andrea Schoening

Principle Architect, Studio Schoening

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4943 McConnell Ave - Unit E

Los Angeles, CA 90066

P: 888.805.1757


Lic# 947797