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The Malibu fires were devastating and many local residents were affected. But Malibu has a history of pulling together as a community when disasters happen with perseverance and resilience. The effort to rebuild has, once again, brought out the best in people. Neighbors and businesses have joined forces to support each other with resources, sweat labor, financial support, and a lot of love. Together, we will rebuild Malibu even better than ever!


Farnsworth Builders ready to help, by employing new strategies for home building that can make your home safer and more resistant to fires in the future. Choosing the right building materials and knowing the latest technologies can add value to your home and provides a safer home for your family. We can guide you through available options and seamlessly start the process of rebuilding your life after the 2019 fires. We collaborate with you on every level. Together, we’ll help you determine the very best pathway for your project.

Farnsworth Builders has the experience to help Malibu residents navigate their way through the rebuilding process.

We can quickly obtain permits or if you have already have plans, we can work directlly with your architect. We handle the entire process from start to finish and efficiently and as stress-free as possible.

The entire process can be handled efficiently and smoothly.

• Permit approval • Design
Debris removal • Construction
•  Code upgrades Landscaping

We have extensive experience working with insurance companies, lenders, and local and governmental agencies. This advantage helps streamline the approval process with quicker approval and less delays.

We’re committed to getting you and your family back in your home as quickly and as stress free as possible.


Your Partner In Rebuilding Malibu

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Farnsworth Builders works with two different types of clients. Customers who have hired an architect and are ready to build and those clients requiring full-service capabilities of a design-build team.

From our first meeting, through to the signing of the completion papers, we treat our clients and our jobs with grace, transparency, and efficiency. Never left in the dark, we keep you informed at every turn.

From ranch and traditional, to contemporary and modern, our expertise makes us well positioned to handle even the most extensive projects.


For those requiring design services, we have extensive architectural resources from which we can collaborate. We’ll help you find the right Architect to perfectly match your design goals, style preferences and budget considerations, to build the house of your dreams.


Our associate architect, Andrea Schoening, designed the fabulous California Lifestyle home seen on this page.

We Know Malibu

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Malibu is a unique location with a one-of-a-kind community. The lifestyle and culture create special demands, and it is essential that an architect understand how to design to this discriminating homeowner. Luxury custom homes, like the Malibu home shown here, must consider these unique attributes to meet and exceed the expectations of these discerning homeowners.

Whether you are rebuilding your home or you’re planning to build an entirely new home, making the right choices will have a lasting effect. Choosing the proper design, the safest materials, and selecting the right builder, can ensure your investment is optimized by adding value and enhancing your lifestyle.

Geography and footprint in the Malibu hills can also be challenging; it requires an individual approach to excavations and a thorough knowledge of Malibu’s permitting process. We have the experience and expertise to handle any project.

People may have a choice of rebuilding or renovating, depending on the extent of damage. In many cases, if the damage is extensive, it is cheaper to build a new home than to rehabilitate. We can help you calculate the difference and show you the very best options for your particular situation.

Making the right choices will assure your investment by adding value to your home for years to come.


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Our focus on luxury lifestyle architecture creates out of the box and forward-thinking presentations for unique, stress-free living spaces a benefit which offers our clients truly individualized solutions to build the home of their dreams.

Wes Farnsworth is personally involved in every project. For over a decade we’ve been helping homeowners express their individuality in the design and construction of custom homes.

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