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Farnsworth Builders – Achieving the CALGreen Standard In Southern California
We know how important making your home beautiful is – and we think the same goes for our planet too. California’s Green Building Code holds contractors and builders responsible for making sure upgrading your home (or starting from scratch) doesn’t mean downgrading our environmental health.
Here at Farnsworth Builders, we take pride in making it easy for you to make all of your home upgrades as eco-friendly as possible. We like to employ green technology and energy efficient appliances in everything from our home remodeling and home additions to bathroom remodel and kitchen remodels. After all, when we can conserve resources by creating less waste and making your home energy efficient, everyone wins. Not to mention, you’ll now be able to label your home as CALGreen Compliant without having to pay costly third-party programs.

****What is CALGreen?
The California State License Board (CSLB) is tasked with keeping California contractors properly licensed to ensure that your projects are completed safely and with integrity, but CALGreen provides a minimum standard for green remodel construction and green renovations. It’s the first state-wide building code standardizing green building. Established by the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC), in collaboration with the Department of Housing and Community Development, the ultimate goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020.

When we help you with your next home renovation or home addition, we want to meet certain guidelines to help lower energy, water use and conserve resources.

Energy efficiency is 20% greater than previous requirements.
Resource conservation standards mean that adhesives, paints, and coatings must have little or no volatile organic compounds; heating and air filters must meet minimum requirements for particulate filtration; and construction waste must be reduced by 50%.
Water Conservation efforts will entail reducing indoor water use by 20%.

How we do it
CALGREEN sets some stringent standards for California contractors, and Farnsworth Builders is up to the challenge. After all, complying with CALGreen standards will help save the environment just as much as it will save long term costs for you! Whether you’re looking to renovate a house to put on the competitive West Los Angeles real estate market or upgrade your home to keep up with your family for years to come, let us help you save some green by going green.
If you’re looking to complete a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, look to replace old fixtures and appliances with energy efficient models like low flow toilets and showerheads and CFL or LED lighting. You might even consider renovating your whole home with renewable energy systems to power your electricity, heating, and cooling. Home additions like sunrooms are a good space to grow plants and provide natural lighting and warmth. Whatever direction you plan to take your home remodeling adventure, we’re here to make it stress-free, reliable, and beautiful.