Why Relationship Between Your Contractor and Architect Matters

Nov 9, 2018 | Blog, Design+Build |

While it is the architect that gives life to the most beautiful examples of a residential custom home build, it is the contractor that brings it into this world. So it follows that the pairing of the two must be harmonious to facilitate the best outcome, whether it’s a contemporary modern beach home in Venice Beach or a Mediterranean style home in Beverly Hills. That is where Design + Build comes in to play, this method can pair you with a compatible architect and contractor guaranteed to find common ground, delivering the perfect dwelling for you and your family.


The “traditional” approach to a custom home build or renovation sees the architect or designer on one side and the contractor or builder on another. But this approach is relatively new (around 150 years or so) compared to the Design + Build concept which utilizes a partnership for the homeowner and is a concept modeled on a “master builder” approach that humans have been employing for hundreds of years. At Farnsworth Builders, we employ this methodology in a unique fashion, with all the benefits of a traditional design + build firm, while providing the greatest potential for creative and financial options.


If you want to create an optimal space for your family to use for years to come with quality construction and stay on budget, Design + Build could be an optimal choice for your first step. Whether you’re building from the ground up, or planning renovations to an existing structure, here are a few reasons why:


To merge innovation and cutting-edge architecture and design for your custom home build with the added bonus of saving some cash and staying under budget your best bet is the combined expertise of both the architect and builder. That’s where the barometer for Design + Build comes into play. Recent studies show a 33.5 percent reduction in time to completion than projects that are built with a more traditional workflow, the design-bid-build project blueprint, a route that costs an average of 6.1 percent more when it comes to per unit costs. By eliminating that extra step, and finding an expert to point you in the right direction, the homeowner unearths a much more streamlined process that allows for efficiency in many respects, chief among them communication. If you’re planning a renovation to an existing residential property, you can also reap the benefits of a symbiotic relationship between your architect and your builder. They work faster together and in harmony with subcontractors if they are allied from the start.


If a final set of plans is delivered before your builder can even put in a bid, the design may become a lot less robust, and much more costly to amend. Having your architect and builder work together for the duration of the project gives the homeowner a ton more flexibility, and allows for updates within original budget projections, combined with added value. There are several reasons having your contractor come on board as early in the process as possible benefits the homeowner. Chief among them is saving time and money, but allowing for ongoing creative input from both the architect and the homeowner throughout the process without busting your budget is an unbeatable perk.


Complications are going to materialize throughout the building process — it’s an inevitable part of the construction process. When that happens you want to make sure you’re employing the best possible way to solve the problem, and that usually involves more than one expert. Navigating these successfully together means a solid foundation for years to come for a homeowner.

Farnsworth partners with some of the best architects in Los Angeles in order to facilitate your Design Build needs as a homeowner. For more on our design-build process or on building a custom home in Los Angeles, contact Farnsworth Builders at 888-805-1757.