Choosing The Best General Contractor | 3 SIMPLE TIPS

Oct 10, 2018 | Blog, General Contractor |

Finding the best residential contractor to build your dream home can be a challenging task, especially in a city like Los Angeles. And the choice you make can have a huge impact on whether your experience is enjoyable or frustrating and unfulfilling. After all, you’re not only building a home, your building memories. When you spend the first night in your new dream home, and pop a cork to celebrate, the whole journey should bring back amazing memories! From the first meeting with the architect, breaking ground on the construction, to the final sign-off and delivery your the keys, the contractor you choose will have a big impact on your home building experience.

This 3-Point Litmus Test Should Help Narrow The Field

These three tips can help expedite your the selection process. There are many more things to consider and questions to ask, but if they don’t pass this 3 point litmus test, it’s time to move on to a contractor that does. On the other hand, if the contractor scores well on these critical areas, they might be worthy of your consideration and deeper vetting.

If they don’t, you can save your time and energy moving on to the contractors that do. This will make your selection process better informed, and put you on the right path to a successful home building experience.

Quality First

The quality of the home is, in the end, the most important aspect of the entire building process. So it stands to reason, that when vetting a general contractor to build your home, you’ll want to canvas some homes they have already built. View their portfolio and pay close attention to the detail and finish work. The saying ‘the devil’s in the details’ could never be more accurate then when judging the craftsmanship of a custom home builder. Attention to detail speaks to the quality of work the builder does, but to the overall job as well. Excellence in the details points to character. If a contractor is taking care in the fine points, he’ll likely take the same care with your project. Including the organization and efficiency of the job, right down to accurate accounting and billing.

Quality is in the DNA of a brand, and nothing could be more important for sizing up a companies’ core values, and the overall experience you’ll have during your home construction.


It goes without saying that you’ll want to build your home with a general contractor with plenty of experience, but just as important is that he have experience building the style of home that you have chosen. While most builders can build a variety of Architectural styles, it is preferable, to hire one that has direct experience building the style of home you are building. This is important, and oft overlooked detail, because he be better able to navigate the nuances and challenges of a specific style, better than someone who is doing it for the first time. He also will have already resourced suppliers, cabinet makers, and finishers, to accomplish the job with architectural integrity.


Nothing will give you peace of mind better than customer testimonials. Knowing the experience others have had will give you an idea of what yours will be like. If possible, talk to past clients and ask if them if the process was smooth and what kind of complications they ran into. Find out how the contractor responded to those problems and if it was resolved smoothly and professionally. Having these conversations. and reading testimonials on a custom home builders website or on Yelp, can be a great way to get a sense for his ability to handle customers with respect and care. It’s far too common for a general contractor to have the ability to build a great home but is lacking in “bedside manners” when it comes to managing customer concerns, questions, or being transparent when an unexpected problem arises.

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