Backsplash Design. Going beyond the ordinary.

Dec 11, 2019 | Blog, Design, Design+Build |

When you are working with clients on a custom home build or renovation to determine what kind of backsplash suits their needs, ascertaining their sense of style and form is an essential part of providing the best option for what serves as a design centerpiece and makes a statement in this communal space.

Your client may be a traditionalist, opting for off white subway tiles, or a long grain monochromatic option; a modernist, who prefers an understated, clean look with natural stone or a matte finish; or even an out-of-box thinker who wants a print on paper, or a 3D look.

The point is, you have more options and choices than ever to better serve your client’s needs.



If you have landed a client who errs more on the conventional side of the design scope, there are a few ways to modernize your concept while still maintaining a classic look.

One new approach to the subway tile is to design the stacked backsplash to move vertically, as opposed to horizontally. If your client chooses color instead of a white tile option, suggest a matte finish. If they like a brick backsplash, suggest a running bond, off white, or shades of white brick texture.

For your modernist, a glass sheet backsplash with open shelving is a trendy option with a functional appeal.

It can be customized to align with your client’s taste and works with natural light more than any other option to make the kitchen seem bigger and more airy than it might be. Similar to glass, a full marble slab makes for a clean design aesthetic and is likely to appeal to this type of consumer.

The unconventional client may prefer a more eclectic option.

Here’s where your prints, 3D materials, and repurposed matter come into play. The print option goes way beyond what you would have seen in your mother’s kitchen on wallpaper 20 years ago. Think composites of images that have meaning to your client. Prints of cultural significance or artwork. The 3D backsplash brings texture to the forefront and creates an optical illusion. It can be tiled, it can be stacked, it can be matte or glossy, nonetheless it makes a statement. Another option for this type of buyer might be pressed tin, a nod to the traditionalist, but repurposed for a modern chic design.

If your client is looking for the backsplash ideas above or is open to another option like installing windows or using bamboo, or even retro chic, Farnsworth Builders can make it happen. As a collaborative builder with the ability to achieve the perfect design results for any client, we offer a comprehensive range of services.